HORST Arts & Music festival

In the green valley of the Hageland Hills you’ll find the moated castle Horst. A gratifying and ambitious space for HORST, an arts & music festival championing electronic music and in situ visual arts.

This third edition with artistic curating duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh explored more experimental visual work, a program spanning generations and crossing borders. Studio Anne Dessing was one of the participants. The work consist of a two and three dimensional research on the spatial qualities of the castle.

For HORST Anne Dessing prepared blueprints where she looks at the castle’s context from a critical point of view. The plans are a result of a study into the space and usage of the castle. By doing so a fictive image comes to surface that shines a new light on the monument. Anne created four rooms, each showing different fragments of the castle and its surroundings.

Photos by Jeroen Verrecht