Education – Masters Of Form
Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

During this course we made a 1:1 reproduction of an interior wall designed by Adolf Loos. By copying the work of the master, the delicate treatment of walls and spaces was acquired. We started with analyzing the interior and we drew a precise copy of the wall. After that suitable materials were selected. Each student was responsible for one element of the wall. The focus was on the connections, the size and atmosphere of the different materials. For a couple of months the mock-up transformed a part of the canteen at the academy in a small Loos palace.

Mock Up was part of Masters of Form as conceived and edited by Bruno Vermeersch, Editor in Chief Masters of Form. Academy of Architecture Amsterdam –

Students : Justyna Chmieleska, Ruben Damen, Nyasha Harper, Sebastiaan Heusden, Tobias Kumkar, Elise Laurent, Mirjam Sandbrink, Oscar Sanders, Anne van der Graaf

Partner : Creative Industries Funds NL –

Mediapartner : The One Minutes –