Mouth Of The Sky
Exhibition design at Boijmans van Beuningen

The oeuvre of Wouter Venema (Groningen 1985) is like a web expanding in all directions. In this network, one can point to all sorts of connections but one cannot find the centre. Recurring themes are drawing, maps, reproducibility and the maintenance of identity. Venema’s work betrays his fascination with how space and time can be reconciled. He brings together different moments and places by, for example, folding up maps and making holes in them, pulping a book to create a single page, or printing various perspectives on a single sheet of photographic paper.

For Project Rotterdam Venema and architect Anne Dessing have covered the floor with a motif that functions as a map. Wouter has placed his other works on top of this motif as if literally mapping his oeuvre. The works are displayed on objects resembling tables. A table has more than one perspective: if you are working at it, it is a flat surface but when you move away from it, it becomes spatial. What position do you take as an artist and as a visitor and how do you orient yourself in relation to others and yourself.

Text: Floor van Luijk
Project Rotterdam
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
13.02 – 07.08.2016
Photos: Lotte Stekelenburg