Lecture series Welcome to the Jungle

So you’ve just graduated. Now what? I organized a lecture series about post-graduation life. Six young designers were invited to present their personal story to students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Who inspires them? What are their talents? How do they employ them? We discussed the next steps after graduation and what it’s like to find yourself in that explorative stage. Lectures were given at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture on November 2014. Speakers were Arjen Aarnoudse (°1984), Steven Broekhof (°1984), Gidus Hopmans (°1981), Niels de Jong (°1983), Michiel van Driessche (°1986), Donna van Milligen Bielke (°1983) and me.
The meetings were filmed as material for the program of AMO, on the future of Dutch architecture at the Venice Architecture Biennial 2014