Architecture with architects

What’s in the making… consists of a series of projects by 9 architects: Anne Dessing, Kollektiv A, Jean-Benoît Vétillard, PLURAL, Fala, Atelier Fanelsa, Fabiola Morcillo, Jack Self and Atelier ARI. The publication was made in collaboration with Julia Gersten and is an exploration of the term ‘architecture’ and the vocation of ‘being an architect’: a manifesto of the extensiveness that now is ‘architecture’. This new generation of architects has proven there is simply no linear or even manageable way of showcasing the craft and art of building.

138 pages softcover
14cm x 20cm
Printed on a RISO RZ1070E and in offset (4/4), hand bound and numbered in Amsterdam
Published by Otherwhere—
Edition of 100